COVID-19 Business Survival Kit

Ever watch “Man vs. Wild”? I remember him eating something crazy and thinking, wow… that’s pretty intense… I don’t know if I could do that. He said, “when you need to survive, you do what is necessary”. Even more, when you learn what you can do, you learn what you now must do and you […]

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AI Maturity Assessment

Microsoft has launched an interesting (although not comprehensive) AI maturity assessment. It certainly has a good collection of things I’d think about when considering how to leverage AI in your organization. I’m impressed it asks questions about ethics and boldness in going down a path of using AI technologies in product development or business operations. […]

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Wisconsin Technology Association & Milwaukee Tech Hub

Last month I spoke at the Wisconsin Technology Association in a panel discussion on technology disruption and digital transformation.  I was joined by three other executives where we talked about how we engage the business ecosystem with transformative technologies, enable the operationalized cloud, build skills, and transition their companies.  I want to thank the WTA […]

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Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make Getting Started with Azure: #2—Building Your Architecture Like a Rube Goldberg Machine

As with most things, simplicity is a virtue when it comes to computing environments. How you establish your systems architecture in Azure is a structural foundation you’ll continue to build on for years. Keep it simple! As I discussed in the last post, don’t fall into the trap of thinking your existing, legacy architectural approach […]

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