AI for Good: Intelligent Manufacturing

This year through a partnership with Microsoft, Clover, and Gigi’s Playhouse we’ve been pursuing a powerful effort of driving engagement in AI for Good by enabling individuals with cognitive disabilities to do meaningful work in safe workforce and manufacturing environments. The components of the solution are: Mixed reality experience for the participant Intelligently led participant […]

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COVID-19 Business Survival Kit

Ever watch “Man vs. Wild”? I remember him eating something crazy and thinking, wow… that’s pretty intense… I don’t know if I could do that. He said, “when you need to survive, you do what is necessary”. Even more, when you learn what you can do, you learn what you now must do and you […]

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Practical AI Examples in 2020

In my article on Top 10 Tech Trends for 2020 I started by talking about artificial intelligence as a mega theme where businesses are achieving real, measurable value from the AI front. If you look at any trend analysis on AI you could believe anything from “AI is still vaporware” to “AI has arrived and […]

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Recent Worthwhile Listens on TWIML

TWIML has long been one of my favorite podcasts (right after Crushing Iron… long story, different topic) and three recent ones I thought were particularly interesting. I think what makes TWIML great in general is how real the conversations are… it doesn’t feel like a boring interview. The topics are genuinely thought provoking and makes […]

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