Microsoft Intelligent Supply Chain Event – MN, IL, WI

Microsoft has organized a manufacturing tech event in MN, IL, and WI which focuses on Industry 4.0 transformation and the impact of such technologies on the modern business. I’ll be participating and speaking at the events and highlighting the following scenarios:

  • AI for Good, an initiative to enable individuals with Cognitive Disabilities to participate in the picking operations of a typical manufacturing environment. This use case can translate to office work and other scenarios as well.

  • Demand and Inventory Optimization, a capability of AI where companies can optimize their demand and inventory forecasting with AI by leveraging complex models which examine inputs to stocking scenarios and optimizing when, where, and how inventory is needed and will be sold.
  • Ethics for AI, discussing the ethical implications of AI in the modern manufacturing environment. How AI can be a force for good.

Here are the locations:

See you there!

Nathan Lasnoski

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