I have had a lot of great mentors in my life. They have made a difference to who I am and how I’ve progressed as a man, husband, father, and professional. I continue to depend on these mentors as I chart my path as a person. I’m announcing that I’m signed up for the Tribute app as a mentor and happy to provide career and professional mentorship to the community (on a first come first serve basis). This is not just a general feedback session. I expect both the mentee and myself to take the time seriously and focus on objective near term/mid term/long term goals with a clear outcome. Goals of a mentorship would be:

  • Understand your current professional state
  • Understand priorities and what’s important to you
  • Prioritize objectively a forward direction
  • Understand objective next steps and measurables

Looking forward to working with you! Find it here!

Nathan Lasnoski

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