Cloud Governance Hit List

All cloud environments have inefficiency and waste, but those without cloud governance are really asking for it #msbuild … here are the things you must have to operationalize the cloud:

* A team focusing on cost management analysis… they need to be empowered to find it, engage, and reduce. They WILL pay for themselves if you let them.

* If you are migrating existing VMs from a legacy datacenter, convert the deployment approach to infrastructure-as-code upon migration. Don’t leave them “as-is” as you’ll have two operational models

* If you do anything, get multi-factor auth and conditional access on your cloud accounts. Without it you’re basically leaving the door open to the car with the engine running and the key on the dash.

* Force infrastructure-as-code… do it now. There is no benefit to waiting for people to learn because it will create enormous tech debt

* An environment without policy is like an environment without rules. You can’t scale you. You can only scale the rules. You can’t have a cop on every corner, but you can set ground rules to drive.

* You need an enablement team to get people going in the right context. Accelerate every team and empower them to be self sufficient under a set of rules. Don’t over-reach… the app team likely knows the cloud platform better than you. Be their partner.

* The cost side is all about discipline and accountability. Shut down un-used environments. Reduce sizes of VMs. Use reserved instances. Assign accountability to application teams and shift costs to their cost centers.

* You must have tagging that addresses cost centers, application name, environment type (dev, qa, prod, etc.), and application classification

* Move beyond legacy CMDB to configuration management as a discipline embedded in how you build your apps with code. Modernize practices to achieve the ability to release anytime with zero impact to customers.

* Micro-network segmentation is critical to enforce through governance. Don’t miss the chance to do this.

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