Business Journal Table of Experts – Security

I recently participated in the Milwaukee Business Journal’s “Table of Experts” on security topics.  I conveyed perspective on the changing nature of technology and how security continues to be relevant.  A few major points that I think are relevant are:

  • Security is part of everything we do in the technology space. It’s not a department, it’s a practice.
  • The changing nature of technology has made it even more relevant, especially for the areas businesses directly integrate technology into their products.
  • Focus on transformation not just iterating the existing legacy environment. The most significant security benefits are achieved through modernization, not small changes.
  • The ownership of data is becoming more relevant than ever and so is the responsibility of businesses to care take it.
  • We’re seeing AI being applied to security protection in tangible ways, such as with Azure Sentinel.

Here is a link to the article:

Enjoy and stay safe out there!

Nathan Lasnoski

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