Career Inventory 2019

I’m passionate about people in technology having fulfilling careers, so I decided to do something about it. You’ll find below two assets, the first is a Microsoft form, the second is an output from everyone who has filled it out. The goal of this is to help people to analyze their current career and look for opportunities to make it better. I’m also gathering anonymous data to help everyone in technology careers to get the most out of their life.

First, let’s fill out the inventory. I’d encourage you to STOP at every question, answer it truthfully (nobody is watching and its anonymous) and use it as an opportunity to reflect. Some examples below…

Second, let’s check out the aggregate results and think about what this might mean to you. Analyze, download the dataset (I’ll make it available to download end of July), think about how it relates to your life. The data is updated weekly, so your data will not immediately show up. This data is intended to function as an aggregated asset to technology decision makers and people who care about their career.

Here is the current mix of how people actually prioritize their time. Very interesting to see what is at the top and bottom.

Here is how people would like to prioritize their time, also very interesting how this changes.

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