Creating a Cosmos DB for our Wildlife ID Project

This post is part of a series. If you want to work on creating your own Wildlife ID environment, start here!

We will start by provisioning a Cosmos DB environment for our application. First, login to your Azure environment and navigate to Cosmos DB and create a new database.

Then, progress in creating your Cosmos DB, creating a Resource Group which will contain all future elements of our project.

Now, select “Review + create”, navigate to the “Create” button and build the Cosmos DB for your project. Note that I chose to select the “Free Tier Discount”, as well as left it as Non-Prod for now to save money.

Your deployment will progress until it has completed. You will see this screen and ultimately provided a link to the resource:

Once created, navigate to the Cosmos DB and select your newly created resource. Select “Data Explorer”

Then, select “New Container” and create as follows. Note that I’m calling the database and the container ID “wildlife” and the partition key is “/species_common”, but could be anything you want, so long as you can group content based on it.

Select “ok” and create your container.

After that, you’re ready for the next step!

Nathan Lasnoski

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